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Stage 5

United Nations Security Council

One of the main roles of the United Nations Security Council is to maintain peace.

The 15 members:

5 permanent 

China, USA, France, UK, Russia

10 elected

  • 5 from Africa/Asia*

  • 1 from Eastern Europe*

  • 2 from Latin America*

  • 2 from Western European and other countries*

  • *Countries rotate on 2 year terms

In MUN Trade War...

  • Countries / regions get a specific number of votes in the meeting stage based on current voting members.

  • Countries / regions vote whether to levy sanctions to maintain peace.

  • There is no veto vote.

Is there Peace?

To start the Meeting stage,

the game manager will ask


Peace means

No attacks that round

Yes (11 × 8_edited.png

No Peace

No Peace means

Attack(s) that round

Yes (11 × 8_edited.png


Players are given 1 minute to talk with others on voting.


Game manager asks groups how they will vote.


If more YES votes.

Yes (11 × 8_edited.png

If more than 1 defending country/region,
each can choose a sanction.

No sanction this round for
attacking country / region.


If more NO votes.


Yes (11 × 8_edited_edited.png

Repeat voting process for each

country / region who attacked

during the round.

Next Round

Once all voting is complete. 

  • The meeting stage usually happens later in the game.

  • If there is a tie in votes, consider giving players another minute to talk. Then take another vote.

  • If a group is sanctioned (economically) and forced to give 1/2 their resources, that group can choose what they give back to the MUNTW bank.

General Tips

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