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Who is this game for?

  • Any group of people wanting to learn more about the world.

  • MUNTW has been played with people in grade school to adults.

What are the group roles?

How long does
a game

  • A round usually takes 10 - 20 minutes

  • Country Paper (A) : ~ 6 - 10 rounds

  • Country Paper (B) : ~ 10 - 15 rounds

How does the game end?

  • The game manager chooses when to end and can give a 1 round warning to the end.

  • Some signs to end the game...

    • Most/all country/regions finished their goals​

    • Surplus of resources

    • A lot of attacks/war

Can I pause the game?

  • Yes!

  • The game manager can follow the directions  on the game slides.

This website is helpful, but is there training available?

  • Consider joining the MUNTW community for free to access more resources. 

  • Virtual or in-person training is available to teach you/your group on how to bring MUNTW in your space.  Email us!

Other questions?

  • Email

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