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Welcome to the
Model United Nations Trade War Community

Thank you for joining us!

Check out the resources below.

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with any questions, suggestions, updates

and/or pictures!

​Model United Nations Trade War: Free Version

  • Lesson plan

  • Modified & condensed to fit in about an hour

  • Prep time:  30-45 minutes.

Model United Nations Trade War - Game Slides

​The official Model United Nations Trade War Game Slides...

  • helps game managers and players play the game.

  • assists in pausing the game to play another time.

  • customized timers.

Tips in the Stage 2 (Resource Production) video:

  • Making it easier to roll dice and monitor resources

Protocol in this video:

  • Last roll protocol

Tips in the Stage 3 (Trade & Build) video:

  • Reward students "time" to help manage the game.

Protocol in this video:

  • Stage 3 protocol

Tips in the Stage 4 (War) video:

  • How to mark country papers during attacks

Protocol in this video:

  • Attacking protocol

  • Conquering protocol

Tips in the Stage 5 (Meeting) video:

  • What to do if there's no peace.

Protocol in this video:

  • Voting protocol

  • Sanctioning protocol

Continuing the game:

  • Most games last longer than a typical class period of one hour.  

  • You can pause the game using the Game Slides and the Resource Save Worksheet.

Resuming a game:

  • Follow the game slides to set up and resume a previously paused game.

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