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Model United Nations Trade War engages learners with diverse skill sets in understanding and creatively solving global issues to make

a healthier and more sustainable world

MUN Trade War is a synergetic, math-based, hands-on simulation where players manage their countries' natural resources in order to achieve specific

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

MUN Trade War Supports the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

An introduction to MUNTW (1:14)


What teachers are saying

Model United Nations Trade War is a game changer.  It is a project that allows multiple entry points of learning so that all students, no matter their background, no matter their learning stage, are able to engage. 

Angel Beckwith-Malone, English/History + MUN

What students are saying

What will your students say?
MUN Trade War Logo (2).png

Try MUN Trade War for free!

Experience the synergetic and engaging math-based game in a modified and condensed version.  

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